Midge Ure – Breathe

Ringrazio Adriana perchè mi ha fatto vedere un video che cercavo da tempo.
Ecco il testo:
With every waking breath I breathe
I see what life has dealt to me
With every sadness I deny
I feel a chance inside me dieGive me a taste of something new
To touch to hold to pull me through
Send me a guiding light that shines
Across this darkened life of mine
{Breathe some soul in me
Breathe your gift of love to me
Breathe life to lay ¹fore me
Breathe to make me breathe

For every man who built a home
A paper promise for his own
He fights against an open flow
Of lies and failures, we all knowTo those who have and who have not
How can you live with what you¹ve got?
Give me a touch of something sure
I could be happy evermore


{Breathe your honesty
Breathe your innocence to me
Breathe your word and set me free
Breathe to make me breathe
This life prepares the strangest things
The dreams we dream of what life brings
The highest highs can turn around
To sow love¹s seeds on stony groundBreathe



Buona Visione.

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